Sharetech Congratulates High School Students for Winning Second Prize in National Science and Technology Competition with 3D Composite Technology

Sharetech congratulates the group of high school students from Hung Yen for winning the second prize in the National High School Science and Technology Competition 2023 with their product “Smart device to support communication between people with disabilities and computers”. 


This is an outstanding achievement, a great product, and Sharetech is honored to be a companion with the students in using 3D composite printing technology to create a lightweight and strong frame for the product.

With the rapid growth of the 3D printing industry, the demand for using smart products to support people with disabilities is also increasing. However, manufacturing single-piece products during the testing phase has caused many difficulties in finding a suitable cost for users in Vietnam. With its lightweight and good load-bearing capacity, the product of the Hung Yen student group has used Sharetech’s continuous carbon fiber composite (CCF) 3D printing solution to solve this problem.

By using 3D composite printing technology, Sharetech hopes to continue to accompany and support teams, researchers, and businesses in developing smart products to support people with disabilities, while also contributing to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities in the community.

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