Anisoprint’s Advanced Carbon Fiber CubeSats for Space Exploration

Did you know that there are currently 4,852 satellites operating in Low Earth Orbit (LEO)? SpaceX alone has plans to launch around 50,000 CubeSats in this decade. CubeSats are a type of nanosatellite consisting of 10cm cube-shaped units with a maximum weight of 2kg, which can be launched into orbit for scientific experiments or to test spacecraft technologies in order to minimize risk. Their frames are often made of aluminum.

Therefore, Anisoprint has developed an advanced CubeSat design for space with reinforcement using carbon fiber and optimized bonding structure. With the advanced design and direction-fixed reinforcement – customizable fiber paths – the weight of the shell is designed to be only 200.6 grams, 49.7% lighter than similar aluminum types produced by traditional manufacturing methods.


At Sharetech, we believe in the ACM technology and are excited to see the advancements being made in the aerospace industry with innovative materials and designs.

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