Moon Festival Celebration at Nhieu Cu Van primary school in Lao Cai

Like some other Asian countries where people honor lunar cycles, Vietnam celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. But unlike the other Asian countries, the Mid- Autumn Festival in Vietnam is recognized as a children’s festival.

On Thursday, the SHARETECH Co., Ltd kicked off the event Moon Festival Celebration in Nhieu Cu Van – Ta Van Chu primary school. “Since last year when SHARETECH brings Independent Solar Electricity System to Nhieu Cu Van, a poor primary school in Lao Cai that teachers and pupils had better conditions for studying and living. This is the 2nd Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated more emphatically than in the past when this school does not have electricity”, Mr. Vuong – President of Nhieu Cu Van primary was very touched said.

The children paraded around the campus holding their five-pointed star-shaped lantern. After the parade, they sat back and enjoyed a series of activities have been held in the to welcome Mid-Autumn Festival, including lion dances, musical performances, lantern parades.

Thank you to all teachers, staffs, sharing-love group and children who got involved in making the celebration a successful one.

Happy Moon Festival!

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