Sharetech sends Vice Director to Robotics Training Program in Taiwan for Professional Development

Welcome Mr. Le Xuan Viet – Vice Director of Sharetech company to Taiwan. He will directly lead the team of engineers participating in the advanced Robotics training program at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST). This reflects Sharetech’s commitment to investing in the professional development of its employees and staying abreast of the latest trends in technology.

This year’s training program includes several important topics in the field of Robotics, including Delta robot arm, computer vision module, and many related skills. In addition, during this training session, one of Sharetech’s AI engineers will also participate in advanced Machine Learning training at the university.

Sharetech and STUST have been continuously exchanging research content for the past 5 years. This program has brought many Taiwanese students and researchers to intern at Sharetech in Vietnam, and the company has also sent its staff and engineers to the university to learn and improve their professional knowledge and skills. Thanks to this collaboration, the company has achieved significant achievements in the field of technology, improving the quality and efficiency of its work.


Sharetech would like to express its gratitude to Professor Kermo Lin – a senior advisor of the company, who has supported and promoted this research collaboration program. We are committed to continuing to invest in the development of our employees and company, to bring maximum value to our customers and the industry.

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