Product Design Experience

With nearly 15 years of proficiency in Industrial Rapid Design and Rapid Prototyping, Sharetech boasts a solid track record of delivering top-notch solutions. Our skilled team has garnered the trust of prominent corporations like FKK, Viettel, Vietnhat, Vinfast, Vintech, Inoac, VPE, among others. We actively engage in various product development projects, spanning from the Design Validation Testing (DVT) phase to the Product Validation Testing (PVT) phase. This comprehensive involvement underscores our commitment to precision and reliability, making Sharetech a reliable partner for crafting innovative solutions, ensuring a smooth transition from design to a polished, high-quality end product.

Fabrication Engineering Platform

Our Fabrication Engineering Platform, encompassing expertise in Mechanics (ME), Automation Control (AC), Hardware (HW), Firmware (FW), and Software (SW), has evolved through our engagement in diverse high-tech ventures. Sharetech stands ready to tackle intricate technical projects comprehensively, from inception to fruition. Meticulous attention to detail is our hallmark, ensuring the delivery of robust, high-performance systems and components that precisely align with your specifications. We offer unparalleled proficiency in both mechanical and electronic engineering, leveraging the latest advancements in technology to transform our clients' visions into tangible realities.

Core Technology Application

Sharetech's Core Technology lies in our proficiency in designing and programming control boards that can be constructed from "blank" chips, eliminating reliance on pre-integrated chips from manufacturers. Our capabilities extend to advanced motor control algorithms, particularly Field-Oriented Control (FOC), and sophisticated control algorithms for both automatic and autonomous robots. This innovative approach empowers us to create tailored solutions, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability. By leveraging these core technologies, Sharetech is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge systems that redefine the landscape of control and automation, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and intelligence.

Our Products

Power Control Products

Sharetech’s Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology is a cost-effective method for converting low-to-medium heat into power. Our ORC systems can utilize a wide range of heat sources, including industrial waste heat, geothermal, solar, biomass, and ocean thermal energy. Unlike the Steam Rankine Cycle, the ORC system uses organic working fluid, allowing it to be used in more applications.

Solar Power Data Logger is optimized for rooftop solar systems, ensuring peak performance. Customizable and compatible with leading inverters: SMA, Huawei, Sungrow, ARM, …. it seamlessly integrates with IoT for efficient data monitoring. Our advanced data logger technology includes features for precise analytics and system control. Explore the full potential of your solar setup with Sharetech’s tailored solutions.

Our range of Solar Chargers offers energy convenience. With advanced charger 12V-30/30A, MPPT 12V-30/40A and Lite Solar Charger 12V-250W, Sharetech provides flexible solar solutions. The electronic pulse controller ensures reliable 12V charging, while the MPPT maximizes solar energy with an outstanding output of 100V/390W. In addition, Sharetech actively participates in designing EV charging stations using solar energy, contributing to sustainable energy solutions for many electric vehicle brands in Vietnam.

Sharetech’s DC/AC Power Conversion series delivers peak performance. Featuring Sine 12V – 600/1000/1500VA and Sine 24V-3000VA converters, as well as various other sine control conversion units, our products efficiently convert power from 12VDC storage (battery) to 220VAC. With UPS versions ensuring seamless switching in under 10ms, Sharetech guarantees stable power supply, safeguarding your systems even in critical situations.

With expertise in Power Electronics, Sharetech specializes in researching and manufacturing Home Appliance Device Control Circuits. Our circuits, designed for residential devices, offer advanced control and efficient power management. Sharetech collaborates with home appliance manufacturers, leveraging our power electronics knowledge to provide tailored solutions.

Motor Control Products

In line with the growing demand for energy-efficient solutions, Sharetech’s BLDC Motor Driver series caters to power levels ranging from 45W/55W/120W/240W to 400W, extendable to 1kW. Our drivers incorporate advanced technologies from industry leaders such as Infineon, STMicroelectronics, Holtek, BPsemi, or can be tailored with specified MCUs to ensure optimal performance. This diverse range of drivers reflects our commitment to providing versatile and efficient solutions for the increasing adoption of BLDC motors in various applications.

Amidst the current trend and advantages of collaborative robotics (cobot), Sharetech introduces the BLDC Cobot Gripper series, designed to seamlessly align with the rising adoption of collaborative robots. Leveraging advanced BLDC motor control technology, Sharetech crafts grippers compatible with popular cobot models like Universal Robot (UR). Among our highly sought-after products, the ST-RG20 stands out with a gripping range of up to 20mm and adjustable gripping force ranging from 50N to 90N. Additionally, the lightweight design of the ST-RG20, weighing less than 600g, enhances its versatility in various applications.

Sharetech’s Servo Motor Module series integrates a high-power brushless motor, precision planetary reducer, and advanced FOC driver. Operating at an input voltage of 12-16V, it supports CAN or RS485 communication. The main control, featuring a 32-bit ARM processor, employs a 170M main frequency. Additionally, it incorporates an 18-bit single-ring absolute encoder for enhanced precision and control in various applications, along with exclusive features like one calibration and zero position retention, enhances its performance by eliminating the need to find the zero point in case of power loss.

In the current landscape of factory and warehouse automation, AGVs play a pivotal role. Sharetech’s AGV Driver Module leverages cutting-edge BLDC and servo motor control technology, ensuring seamless, reliable, and efficient AGV operations. Tailored for AGV manufacturers, it offers customization options, empowering them with a versatile and robust solution to meet the demands of modern automation.

Leveraging our expertise in machine design and advanced motor control technology, Sharetech’s Chemical Stirred Machine stands as a testament to innovation. Trusted for export to Japanese chemical manufacturers, our product ensures precise and efficient mixing, demonstrating the capabilities of our cutting-edge motor control solutions.

Combining deep expertise in motor control with experience in designing products meeting MIL-STD-810 standards, Sharetech excels in crafting Special Motor Control modules. Our capabilities elevate design standards, ensuring these modules operate effectively in challenging environments and conditions, or for motors specially designed for other specific applications.

Advanced Automatic Products

Sharetech’s 3D printing technology, rooted in the patented Composite Fiber Coextrusion (CFC) technique, not only emphasizes precise control and design autonomy but also integrates and highlights the technique of precise position and speed control in devices. This innovative process automates the consolidation and curing of various thermoplastic polymers and continuous fibers in a single stage. The result is a low-porosity structure with exceptional mechanical properties. Our diverse printer range caters to prototyping, low-volume production, and industrial-scale mass production needs.

Sharetech’s Industrial Automatic Systems harness cutting-edge motor control, power electronics, and system integration technologies. We specialize in crafting automated systems tailored for optimal performance in manufacturing plants. Our expertise lies in seamlessly blending precise motor control and power electronics to create customized, efficient automated solutions. At Sharetech, we take pride in delivering industrial automation solutions that align perfectly with the unique requirements of manufacturing facilities.

In Vietnam’s dynamic electronic industry, amid substantial investments in SMT assembly lines, the pivotal role of Functional Circuit Tester (FCT) machines comes to the forefront. These our machines, designed with a foundation in power electronics and extensive industrial automation experience, excel in robust testing and quality assurance for electronic manufacturing. They seamlessly align with the evolving needs of Vietnam’s electronics sector, ensuring efficiency and reliability in SMT lines and manufacturing processes.

Sharetech has a team of skilled engineers and experts in computer vision and product development, focusing on building applied solutions and system configuration. We collaborate with and utilize the open-source FaceID platform, which has been continuously trained for over 2 years by Vietnamese engineer teams. Currently, we provide VMS solutions for schools, factories, and offices to support monitoring, attendance tracking, intrusion detection, and other tasks.

Intelligent Machines, coexisting harmoniously with humans in shared spaces, are equipped with reliable control systems. Our research program demonstrate adept motion planning, collaborating seamlessly with humans in dynamic environments. Innovative path planning, rooted in the dipole flow field, ensures safe navigation, considering potential collisions. Sharetech envisions Intelligent Machines as the future of industrial automation, delivering optimal solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

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