Sharetech joins Open Day event at Hue University of Sciences, showcasing 3D Composite technology to students

Sharetech, a leading technology company in Vietnam, recently joined the Open Day event at Hue University of Sciences, in collaboration with local schools in Thua Thien Hue province.

The event’s objective was to introduce students to the latest technological advancements in 3D Composite printing. Sharetech showcased their cutting-edge 3D Composite printing technology, allowing students to experience the design and printing process of 3D objects.

“Early exposure to the very new technology of 3D Composit equips young people with basic knowledge and understanding to be more confident when this technology becomes popular and widely used in different industries in life,” said Ph.D Hoang Tien Dat, an expert in material technology and representative from Sharetech.

The event received a positive response from students, who displayed a great interest and enthusiasm in learning about the technology. Sharetech’s participation in the event reflects its dedication to promoting innovation and advancing technological development in Vietnam.

With the success of this event, Sharetech hopes to inspire and encourage young people to pursue careers in technology and contribute to the growth and development of Vietnam’s technology industry.

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