Revolutionizing 3D Printing with ANISOPRINT CFC Technology

While traditional 3D printing faces challenges in producing products with desired mechanical properties and 3D metal printing remains expensive, Anisoprint has found a remarkable and effective solution:

Utilizing two continuous high-strength fiber types, such as 1k/3k Carbon fiber and Basalt fiber, in which Carbon fiber has a tensile modulus up to 150 GPa (double that of aluminum alloys).  The base material used is Smooth PA 12 with short carbon fibers, which not only provides a smooth surface but also excellent mechanical properties and good fiber adhesion.  And the best part is that Anisoprint devices can use different materials from different material suppliers, which greatly supports businesses looking to optimize their products and helps researchers to experiment with new materials.

From the research work of Sharetech’s material expert – Dr.Hoang Tien Dat in Japan, combined with the advanced 3D printing technology from a famous machine manufacturer from Luxembourg, after a long period of testing and evaluating the product, Sharetech is proud to be one of the pioneering companies in 3D Composite Solution & Equipment in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Japan. Currently, we are accepting contracts for printing samples while providing Composer machines for Research, Design, and Manufacturing units in Vietnam. Leave a message and join us in this revolution.

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