Annual internship program at SHARETECH


      Sharetech offers annual financial support to not only undergraduates but also graduates who wish to undertake an internship abroad program. International students will the opportunity to join this program to fulfill academic and personal goals while living and working abroad. Especially, many students who are bachelor, master, even Ph.D. students from Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST) in Taiwan are granted this offer to participate in Sharetech’s research activities every year.

Fig. 2. Internship students from STUST

         The internship at Sharetech is to boost student’s professional career since they can get to apply theory to practice, network with people in the field, and get a feel of what their line of work entails. It is a great time to expand skillset and to meet the expectations of the industry in a different country than their own. At Sharetech, students can join some our of projects such as solar farm project, cleaning solar robot project, etc.

        Besides researching activity, students have the opportunity to communicate with local people to exchange and develop cultural awareness. They also become more confident people by the time they return home with more soft skills like public speaking, pitching a business idea, leading a team, and negotiating deals. They meet friends to pursue work or their studies, and all of them would have a unique background and story. By the end of the Sharetech internship, they have an extended, global network.

Fig. 3. STUST students and Sharetech staffs at Sharetech research center

Fig. 4. Sharetech’s President Mr. Tu with STUST student at graduation cerem

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