Our story

In 2013, a group of ambitious and young engineers, namely TAM NGUYEN, was formed with an enthusiastic vision to generate non-profit products and to perform novel researches to find emergent solutions to innovate industrial machines and equipment.

After three years of operation, the group has established a sustainable way for long-term development. In a consequence, SHARETECH Co., Ltd (SHARETECH) was officially established in 2016. The executive board of the company consists of former TAM NGUYEN’s members, former professors, researchers, and experienced engineers from contiguous R&D Institutes and technological universities in Vietnam, Japan, Germany, Sweden, etc.

Initially, the company has focused on developing and providing sustainable solutions for industry areas including clean and green energies, optimization approaches to reduce negative impacts of using those energies on the living environment, and to minimize the creation of secondary and sustainable wastes.

As a result, the first pilot gasification power generation plant with a capital of one million USD was implemented in Japan in 2017. Such a biomass plant is able to generate up to 600 kW of electrical power. All residual heats from hot water and fuel gases are absorbed by an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) generator to be converted into electrical power.

From the starting point of 2017 to now, the company has expanded its investment on recent technical innovations with three major orientations:

  • Green Energy (solar power, biomass, ORC, etc).
  • Environment Recovery (garbage and wastewater treatment).
  • Advanced and intelligent solutions (Intelligent machine, artificial intelligence, and advanced control system)

Nowadays, numerous world-scale issues such as greenhouse effects, global warming, and climate changes are affecting our living environment in a catastrophic way. In SHARETECH, we deeply believe on the crucial needs of interconnection among nations and the efforts of people in every countries to save our planet. Saving the Earth is to save our lives and our futures. Therefore, SHARETECH together with the world are developing and generating new technologies to address those global emergent issues. Please contact us to share our efforts to protect the planet.

SHARETECH, the technology of sharing!

Meet The Team

At SHARETECH, every staff is provided a comfortable working environment with flexible working hours. At SHARETECH, the members are empowered to show off their best ability with our motto “You are the master of your knowledge”. At SHARETECH, we collaborate through short-term projects aiming towards our long-term goals together.

Join our team, and you will be a part of the journey to discover your own TERRA INGONITA!

Our partners

In every steps, we really appreciate our partners who share their opportunities and resources to, with us, "create value together".